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Your Mind

Melito | March 19

The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handiwork.  –Psalm 19:1

"I advise you: know yourself and know God."

God made you as perfect as seemed good to Him. He has given you a free mind. He has set many objects before you so that you can distinguish their nature and choose the good things for your­self. He has set the heavens before you and placed the stars in them. He has set the sun and the moon before you. They run their courses every day. He has set all of the waters before you and restrained them by His Word. He has set the whole wide world before you, which remains at rest and continues to thrive without changing. For fear that you might assume the earth continues because of its own nature, He makes it quake when He pleases. He has set the clouds before you, which, by His command, rain water from above and satisfy the earth. Consequently, you should know that the One who puts these things into motion is superior to them all. Accept His goodness with gratitude because He has given you a mind to distinguish these things from one another. Therefore, I advise you: know yourself and know God.

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