Sign The Call

What does it mean to sign the “Call”? It means that you are affirming what you read here. Robert Webber wanted the “Call” to “create conversation and dialogue.” He was clear that the “Call” was not “a creed or a confession.” As it says in the Epilogue, “This Call is issued in the spirit of sic et non; therefore those who affix their names to this “Call” need not agree with all its content. Rather, its consensus is that these are issues to be discussed in the tradition of semper reformanda as the church faces the new challenges of our time.”

You need not be a member of the Ancient-Future Faith Network to sign the “Call,” and your affirmation here does not obligate you to become a member. However, we’d love to have you! If you would like to join the Ancient-Future Faith Network, or learn more, please visit our page “Join the Network.”

Click here to read “Christianity Today” then-editor David Neff’s 2006 interview with Robert E. Webber on how “The Call” came to be.

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