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A Conversation with Joanne Webber

Video-IconChrisJoanneVideo Content: Joanne Webber, AFFN Board Member and widow of the late Robert E. Webber, sat down for an extended interview with Chris Alford. He and fellow Board Member Carl Peters were in Sawyer, Michigan, to help Joanne catalog books and materials for sale in the new AFFN Marketplace. Chris and Joanne took time from their busy schedule of sorting and organizing for a wide-ranging conversation about her wonderful life with Bob. The interview took place in the room where Bob wrote many of his most celebrated books.

Along the way, Joanne touched on:

  • How she and Bob met.
  • His early and lesser-known works.
  • How they came to live at Sawyer.
  • Joanne’s famous father, Harold Lindsell, and his relationship with Bob.
  • His collection of resources that were cataloged while in Michigan.
  • “Journey to Jesus.”
  • The starting of the Institute for Worship Studies.
  • How she’s doing in the grieving process and her life now without Bob.

Access to the 50 minute video interview is for Contributing Members of the Ancient-Future Faith Network. Find the video player just below:


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Wounded Worshiper Sanctuary

Microphone (2)wounded-worshiper-bannerAudio content: AFFN member Jennifer Clayton was the guest for this edition of “Ancient-Future Faith” and she talked about the launch of a new ministry. Dr. Clayton is the founder and director of the “Wounded Worshiper Sanctuary” (you can find more information about the ministry in the AFFN Marketplace) and, most especially, about the inaugural retreat set for August in Sacramento, California. Along the way, Jennifer also talked about her lifetime of service and work in the church and God’s calling on her life to care for those who have been wounded in their own service there. (more…)

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Talking about Big News at the AFFN

Microphone (2)logo_mark_320Audio Content: AFFN Founder and Board Chair Chris Alford grabbed Bill Cole– he actually did, when the unsuspecting Bill dropped by Chris’ house– to talk about some of the latest (big) news at the Network. Bill is the CFO of the AFFN and had come by to go over some facts and figures.

We’ve already launched the brand new “Knowledge Base,” the new “Marketplace” featuring Resource Partners, and are only days away from launching the Robert E. Webber Store.

Join Chris and Bill for a short, 7-minute conversation on all the latest news!


AFFGlassLike what you’re hearing? Learn more about the Ancient-Future Faith Network before you leave. And please consider becoming a member and making a donation to keep great content like this coming. The Lord be with you!

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AFFN Membership Levels

Membership Levels: The first step in membership is to choose your level of access. We recently introduced new membership levels to better serve our growing network, and to provide a variety of ways people can plug in. Voluntary, tax deductible subscriptions are active for one year: Contributing Members at $35 are listed with biographical sketch, picture, email […]

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