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Talking about Lent: A Roundtable Discussion

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On this episode of the Ancient-Future Faith radio program, Drs. Rick Asche (that’s him photobombing the studio at right) and Ellen Koehler were in the studio to talk about Lent.

Did you know that increasing numbers of evangelicals are going back to their early Christian roots and discovering the many ways that Lent can shape our spiritual lives? Join us as they talk with Dr. Chris Alford about giving things up– and taking things on– for Lent.

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Ancient-Future Resource Partners

Marketplace Directory Page: A brand new feature of the AFFN is now up and running: The Marketplace, where AFFN Resource Partners promote their materials… and many AFFN members have already signed up! Our website traffic is off the charts… and growing! We have more than 13,000 pageviews a month and about 1,000 brand new visitors monthly. The Marketplace […]

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