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SBrooks2WorshipQuestCollageFounder of Worship Quest Ministries, Steven Brooks (left) is a Pastor, Author and Professor of Worship with a  passion for the local church as well as a desire for training, equipping, and mentoring worship leaders.

His primary interests are corporate worship, music in the church, the languages of worship (sacred space, sacred time, and sacred action), and most importantly, spiritual formation in the life of the worshiper.

His latest book is Worship Quest: An Exploration of Worship Leadership. 

Worship Quest serves as a guide to understanding foundational questions about worship and leading in worship. Worship Quest offers a practical perspective on four roles of worship leadership and how they are to be fulfilled within various worship gatherings. Worship Quest helps readers come to understand the different worship gatherings and the various roles of worship leadership, and thus successfully fulfill God’s call of leading in worship.

Find Worship Quest at Wipf and Stock, as well as Amazon.

What people are saying about Worship Quest:

”In Worship Quest, Brooks not only presents the theology of worship in a thoughtful way, but he invites you in to his own personal journey of worship….  The church for too long has tried to strip individuality and culture out of worship, but Brooks makes a strong case for communities to embrace their unique cultural identities in worship…. Brooks has a way of blending biblical truth and modern practicality. I highly recommend Worship Quest to worshipers and worship leaders who desire to grow in their understanding and expression of worship.” -Holland Davis, songwriter of “Let It Rise”

”As worship becomes a core element in global Christianity, there is a great need for resources that help guide our reflection on the subject. From foundational ideas to formative practices and a framework for thinking through different contexts, this is a thorough, well-organized field guide for pastors, worship leaders, and worship teams.” -Glenn Packiam, author of Discover the Mystery of Faith, Wipf and Stock Publishers