Lisa Deam, A World Transformed: Exploring the Spirituality of Medieval Maps

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On the edge of medieval maps, monsters roam. In the West, pilgrims take well-traveled roads to Rome and Compostela. In the east, Old Testament history unfolds. And at the center, in the city of Jerusalem, Jesus saves the world.

Psalter Map - WikimediaA World Transformed (Cascade Books) invites you on an incredible journey through medieval maps. Be prepared to encounter a strange new world: nothing on these maps looks familiar to eyes normally glued to MapQuest or GPS screens. Yet art historian Lisa Deam shows that these fanciful maps are surprisingly useful if explored through the eyes of faith. Just as the maps engaged the theological imagination of the Christian Middle Ages, so they can engage and enliven our own. Their grace-filled geography helps us to plot, dream, and pray our way through our journey of faith. Join Lisa as she unlocks the secrets of medieval maps for spiritual seekers of the modern era.

Lisa writes with the rigor of an academically trained historian combined with the passion of someone who is herself on the spiritual road. Each chapter of her book not only inquires into the medieval world, it also poses questions for our world. The mix of spiritual guidance and historical perspective marks this book as a vital resource for anyone who is intentional about their journey of faith. A World Transformed is recommended reading for thoughtful individuals, spiritual directors and for classroom use.

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CASCADE_TemplateWhat people are saying:

“Deam, whose love for these ancient cartographs shines joyously on every page, writes not from a scholarly perspective so much as from a faith-based appreciation of the medieval mind; she celebrates how these maps can invite people of faith in our secularized, GPS-dominated world to stop and consider how faith is not just a head game, but literally a way of living, moving and being in the world. She invites us to appreciate these ancient maps as an invitation to a deeper faith today.”

—Carl McColman, author of Befriending Silence and The Big Book of Christian Mysticism

“A World Transformed is a beautifully written and spiritually enriching book. Deam takes us on a journey of faith inspired by the Christ-centered world depicted in medieval maps. I know of few books that do such an amazing job of bringing serious historical scholarship and Christian spirituality together in a way that serves the needs of the church and its people.”

—John Fea, Chair of the Department of History, Messiah College

Half-length w_blue globeAbout Lisa:

Lisa Deam  has a Ph.D. in art history from the University of Chicago. She writes and speaks on medieval art, maps, and spirituality. Visit Lisa at her website: