The Sojourn Church: An Ancient-Future Church

Chris Alford: AFFN Contributing Member and church planter Jon Aamodt shares his thoughts on how Sojourn Church in Portland, Oregon, is Ancient-Future. Look through Jon’s materials here, and later you can also listen to an interview with Jon by clicking here.


1 Corinthians 12:27: Now you are the body of Christ, and each one of you is a part of it.

ChristAtTableGlassChristocentric and Incarnational: Emphasizing relationship and identification in Christ.  It is through identification with Christ (Gal 2:20) that the church will fulfill its mission: “To BE the ministry and presence of Christ in the world.”

The Incarnational Church emphasizes embodying the spirituality, ministry, and mission of Christ; as revealed in scripture and in the life of the historic Christian church.

Incarnational Ministry To embody ALL of the ministry of Jesus that is described in the Gospels and the book of Acts- through the power of the Holy Spirit.  This will include holistically expressing the Charismatic, Contemplative, Evangelical, Justice, and Sacramental dimensions of the Gospel that were present in the life and ministry of Jesus.

Community – To live out the Gospel by embodying the presence and ministry of Jesus Christ in spiritual community.  This is more than church on Sundays, or even home groups during the week.  This entails a deeper sharing of life with each other and an opening of our homes and lives to those outside our communities of faith (church).  Post Christian people often seek answers to the profound questions of life through community relationships.

Mission and JourneyTo imitate Jesus and his community of followers by going out to the people; rather than merely inviting people to come into our church buildings. We are missionaries to the people of our culture.   As a missional community of Christ’s followers, we are on a journey where we share the timeless truth and transforming power of the Gospel.  This sharing of the Gospel happens as we live out our lives in Christ, and as our lives naturally intersect with the lives of those outside the body of Christ.

Outreach and Hospitality- As a missional community of Christ’s followers, we emphasis hospitality as a priority for evangelistic efforts.  Thus, we are to invite people into our activities, hobbies, homes, lives, ministry, work, and worship.  As the non-churched naturally intersect with our lives; they will be able feel, hear, see, and touch the authentic reality of Jesus Christ in the life of a Christian community

Experience and Spirituality The Incarnational Church emphasizes living in the intimacy of Christ’s love and grace. It is through Spirit filled intimacy with Christ that the church will experience the fruits holiness and good works.   We seek to abide in Christ’s love by intentionally utilizing scriptural and historical Christian spiritual practices to help renew our hearts and minds with the saving and transforming power of God’s love.  Also, many of the people of post Christian culture will never come into the life of the Church merely through persuasive arguments or felt need programs.  Many people must have their hearts touched through Spirit filled experience; before their minds will accede to the lordship of Jesus Christ.

Re-open Ancient Christian Spiritual Wells– We seek to re-open the ancient wells of the Holy Spirit’s work in the Church, and use the best ministry and worship practices of the Body of Christ throughout the centuries.

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