Robert Webber on Ancient-Future Evangelism

Microphone (2)Webber-Seated-Sq Audio Content: The following is an undated lecture, we think from about 2004, from Dr. Webber on the topic of Ancient-Future evangelism. We believe that the audience was primarily youth pastors and workers.

In the lecture, Bob answers the question, “Why ancient-future?”, gives his theological presuppositions for an ancient-future approach for evangelism, and sketches out the “Journey to Jesus” process that he developed.

All of the resources he mentions in the lecture are available in the AFFN website store.

The audio has been slightly edited for time and sound quality, and though the questions at the end are somewhat difficult to hear, we left them in place so you can increase the volume and get a sense of the question.

Access to the audio file is presented here (below) for Contributing Members of the Ancient-Future Faith Network. Click on the play button in the audio player below to hear the lecture:


“Undated lecture: Ancient-Future Evangelism.” Robert E. Webber.  This audio file was given to the AFFN by Joanne Webber. It is presented here with some slight edits and noise reduction.

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