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Our door is open! If you’re ready to join the Network now, scroll down just a bit on this page to find the form for submitting your application. Need more information? Read more here:

What does joining mean? Joining the AFFN means that you affirm Christian Ancient-Future renewal in the Church– and it means you want to add your voice to the growing numbers of others who feel the same. You needn’t agree with everything here, and our voluntary association is less about doctrinal bona fides and more about mutual resourcing and encouragement. We ask, simply, that members endorse The Call to an Ancient-Evangelical Future. You should know that we embrace the historic, orthodox faith of the Christian church as testified to by the Holy Scriptures, faithfully handed down by the apostles, and valiantly defended by the Fathers, most especially in the ancient ecumenical Creeds.

JohnMarkCarlWhy join?  Because this community is for you: You may be serving in a place of joy and would like to share what God is doing in your ministry. You may be serving in a place of hardship, perhaps facing indifference to renewal, and would like to learn how to implement Ancient-Future principles in effective, pastoral ways. You may be interested in learning how to plant an Ancient-Future church. You are welcome here. Try these links to learn more About Us, or our History and Vision.

The members of the AFFN are the heartbeat of our growing family. We urge you to reach out to them, engage, and join our number. You’ll be received with a warm embrace.

Whether you’re here to give, take, learn, teach, encourage, or be encouraged– this Network is for you.

Membership Levels and Benefits

We have three annual, tax-deductible membership levels to serve our growing numbers and provide a variety of ways for people to plug in:

  1. Membership-Levels-LogoContributing Members at $35 are listed with biographical sketch, picture, email link, receive a monthly eNewsletter, and get access to The Abbey (There is also a discounted option for currently enrolled students: $20).
  2. Sustaining Members at $65 receive all the above, receive a beautiful cloisonné AFFN lapel pin, and get unlimited access to the new Knowledge Base (There is also a discounted option for currently enrolled students: $50).
  3. Ancient-Future Resource Partners at $125 receive all the above, and are featured in the Marketplace where their goods and services are colorfully promoted with appropriate pictures and links.

Need more information? Find more details here about our Membership Levels and our Resource Partners. your voluntary, tax deductible membership contributions are active for one year from the time of activation.

What do I do now? Simply fill out and submit the form below so we can process your request and contact you.  Please stop by Online Giving to make your voluntary annual gift and make your choice for the membership level and benefits.

Login Credentials: Once you go to the Online Giving Page and make your annual tax-deductible gift, you will be given login credentials (which may be customized later) to access exclusive, restricted content.

Anything here for free? While access to most of our content does require a voluntary membership donation, there are still several free things to see and do on the AFFN site.

If you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask; we’re happy to help and serve.

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Don't forget: Be sure to visit our Online Giving Page and choose your membership level and benefits to complete the process. Thanks!
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Don’t forget: Be sure to visit our Online Giving Page and choose your membership level and benefits to complete the process. Thanks!


The AFFN Board reserves the right to refuse membership and may block or ban people, especially in any comment forums. Our aim here is to provide a place of professional interaction and purpose consistent with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the witness of the historic and orthodox Christian faith, and Robert E. Webber’s 2006 “Call to an Ancient-Evangelical Future”.