Chapter House

York_Minster_Chapter_HouseA Chapter House is a large room or building attached to a cathedral, collegiate church, or religious house where the members of the order meet together. In monastic communities, the monks gather there to share the news and events of the day, read Scripture, or talk theology. Perhaps the biggest and most ornate of them all is the Chapter House at York Minster Cathedral in York, England (right).

Can you imagine a Chapter House that would accommodate all the members of the Ancient-Future Faith Network at the same time?

AFFN-WebinarWe’re working on creating a virtual Chapter House, an online experience that will be big enough, yet intimate enough, to accommodate our growing community– and one located so conveniently that you don’t have to leave your home or office.


Here are some details:

  • We’re working on finding just the right online tool that will allow us to gather, both synchronous and not, and with options for both audio and video. If you have some ideas about that, please let us know (email at: info “at”
  • For the synchronous meetings, we’d like to see periodic gatherings that would feature a special guest or panel presenting a topic with the opportunity for members to ask questions and participate.
  • For non-synchronous content, members could drop by the Chapter House to access previous gatherings.
Chapter House: Convent at Rabida, Spain

Chapter House: Convent at Rabida, Spain

One of our early goals at the AFFN was to come together annually for our main conference and also throughout the year for regional workshops and gatherings. As our new Cloisters are growing, we’re hoping that they will become natural places and hosts for those opportunities.

But we also want to provide for virtual gatherings, too, and our hope is that the Chapter House experience will make them possible.

Do you have some ideas about how we can make it work? Would you like to give a Chapter House presentation or be part of a panel group? Let’s hear from you: (email at: info “at”