Two Blessings

God the Father Blessing: Raphael Sanzio

There are two kinds of blessings: temporal and eternal. Temporal blessings are health, honor, friends, wealth, children, a home, a wife, and other things from our journey in life. But we reside in the hotel of life as travelers moving on, not as owners intending to remain. For eternal blessings are eternal life, the body and soul’s incorruption and immortality, the allegiance of angels, the heavenly city, unfailing glory and the Father— the former without death, the latter without an enemy. These blessings make us desire them with eagerness and ask for them with perseverance. We don’t ask with lengthy words, but with groans. A longing desire is always praying even though the tongue is silent. For if you ever long for these things, you are praying. When does prayer sleep? When desire grows cold. So then, let us beg for these eternal blessings with eager desire. Let us seek these good things with entire earnestness. Let us ask for them with assurance…. Beloved, ask also for temporal bless­ings, but in moderation. Be sure that if we do receive them, He who knows what is beneficial for us gives them to us. You have asked. Hasn’t He given you what you asked for? Trust your Father. He would give it to you if it was beneficial for you.

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