The Good Shepherd


Jesus Christ the Good Shepherd: Mark Lawrence

Feed us, Your children, as sheep. Master, fill us With righteousness from Your own pasture. Instructor, give us food on Your holy mountain, the church, which towers in the air, is above the clouds, and touches heaven. “And I will be,” He says, “their Shepherd,” and will be as near to them as clothes to their skin. He wants to save my flesh by enveloping it in the robe of immortality, and He has anointed my body. “They shall call Me,” He says, “and I will say, Here am I.” You heard sooner than I expected, Master. “And if they pass over, they shall not slip,” says the Lord. For we who are passing over to eternal life will not fall into corruption because He will sustain us. For so He has said and so He has willed. Our Instructor is righteously good. “I came not,” He says, “to be ministered unto, but to minister.” Therefore, He is introduced in the Gospel as “wearied,” because He toiled for us and promised “to give His life as a ransom for many.” For Christ alone is the Good Shepherd. He is generous and gives us the greatest of all gifts, His own life. He is extremely good and loving to men, while, when He might have been Lord, He wished to become a brother to humanity. He was so good that He died for us.

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