Store Up Mercy

Issues of the Heart: Froyle Neideck

Let us stop fighting and pray in a becoming way. We should put on the mildness of angels instead of the demons’ brutality. No matter how we’ve been injured, we must soften our anger by con­sidering our own case and our reward. Let us quiet the storms; we can pass through life calmly. Then, upon our departing, the Lord will treat us as we treated our neighbors. If this is a heavy, ter­rible thing to us, we must let Him make it light and desirable. What we don’t have strength to carry out because of our struggle against sin, let us accomplish by becoming gentle to those who sinned against us. Surely this is not painful or burdensome. But let us, by being kind to our ene­mies, store up mercy for our­selves. For in this present life everyone will love us, and above all, God will befriend and crown us. He will count us worthy of the good things to come.  And we will gain them all.

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