Spiritual Battle

This is the true athlete— one who is crowned for having victory over all passions in the great stadi­um, the world. For He who directs the contest is the Almighty God, and He who awards the prize is the Only-begotten Son of God. Angels and demons are spectators. And the contest, contain­ing all the different exercises, is “not against flesh and blood,” but against the spiritual powers of unregulated passions that work through the flesh. Those who master these struggles and overthrow the tempter, win eternal life. The spectators are called to come to the contest, and the athletes contend in the stadium. The one who has obeyed the trainer’s directions wins the day. For the rewards God offers to everyone are equal, and He is indisputable. His judgment is always right. Those who have strength receive mercy, and those who have exercised willpower are mighty. Also, we have received intelli­gence so that we might understand what we are doing. The command, “Know thyself” means to know what we are born for. We are born to obey the commandments, if we are willing to be saved….The athlete who has obeyed the trainer’s directions wins the day. Man’s duty, then, is obedi­ence to God. One who readily receives and keeps the commandments, considering them appropri­ately, is faithful.

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