The things that make up countless evils are these: being a slave to the appetite, doing anything for vainglory, being a slave to the madness of riches, and, most powerful of all, desiring more… How can we have victory over the enemy? By running to God for shelter the way Christ taught us. We must not be depressed in times of famine but believe that God can feed us without a word. We must not tempt Him who gives good gifts with the good things we receive from Him. But we should be content with heavenly glory, disre­gard human things, and always despise excess. For nothing makes us fall under the devil’s power as surely as longing for more and loving covetousness. We can see this even now. For even now some say, “All these things will we give thee, if thou wilt fall down and worship.” They are human by nature, but have become the devil’s instruments…. For as much as God has blessed you, follow Christ’s example and imitate His victory.

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