Seek and Find

Face to Face: Cornelius Monsma

Perfection in this life, Paul tells us, is to forget the things behind us and to reach forward and press on toward the things ahead of us. Those who seek until they reach the goal have the most secure direction. For the right goal starts from faith. True faith is, in some way, the starting point of knowledge. But true knowledge won’t be perfected until after this life when we will see Christ face-to-face. Therefore, know that seeking the truth is safer than presuming that unknown things can be known. So seek as if you will find, and, as a result, find as if you were about to seek. For “when a man hath done, then he begin­neth.” …Try to understand this. Pray for help from the One we want to understand. And, as much as He allows, religiously and anxiously seek to explain what you have come to understand to others.

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