Revelation of God

Goldenfire: Makoto Fujimura

Our nature can’t contemplate heavenly things by our own strength. We must learn from God what we should think of Him. We have no source of knowledge but God Himself. You might be as well trained in secular philosophy as possible, and you may have lived a life of righteousness. But, although all of this will add to your mental satisfaction, it won’t help you know God. Moses was adopted as the queen’s son. He was instruct­ed in all the Egyptians’ wisdom. Moreover, out of loyalty to his race, Moses avenged the Hebrew by slaying the Egyptian who wronged him. Yet he didn’t know the God who blessed his fathers. For when he left Egypt afraid of his deed being discovered, he lived as a shep­herd in the land of Midian. There he saw a fire in the bush, but the bush wasn’t consumed. Then he heard the voice of God, asked His name, and learned His nature. Despite all this he couldn’t have known anything except through God Himself. We, in the same way, must confine whatever we say about God to the words He has spoken to us about Himself.

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