Patience, Patience

The evil one’s operation, hurling various irrita­tions at our spirit, is broad and wide. The trifling ones you can despise because they are little. You might yield to the very great ones because they are overpowering. When the injury is smaller, there is no need for impatience. But when the injury is greater, the injury’s remedy—patience is more necessary. Therefore, let us strive to endure the evil one’s afflictions so that the lack of emotions seen in our composure may mock the passion of the enemy….The reward of that duty is great— namely, happiness. For the Lord has called the patient happy. He says, “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the king­dom of heaven.” I guarantee this, that none is “poor in spirit” except the humble. Well, who is humble except the patient? For no one can humble himself or bear humiliation without patience. “Blessed,” He says, “are the weepers and mourners.” Who is tolerant of such unhappiness without patience? But consolation and laughter are promised to such people. …He says, “Rejoice and exult, as often as they shall curse and persecute you; for very great is your reward in heaven.” Of course, He isn’t making a promise to joy, for no one will “exult” in misfor­tunes unless he first learns to despise it. No one will despise misfortunes unless he has learned to practice patience.

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