Older Christians


Lighthouse: Leonid Afremov

God has placed older believers as a lighthouse for those of us who live around them. Many of them were youths in their prime, but have grown gray by their consistent practice of self-control and restraint…. The only love they tasted was that of wisdom. This isn’t because their natural instincts were different from everyone else’s, for all “flesh lusteth against the Spirit.” But they listened to those who said self-control “is a tree of life to them that lay hold upon her.” They sailed across the swelling storms of life, as though on a boat, and anchored themselves in the haven of God’s will. After such a fortunate voyage they are envi­able as they rest their souls in sunny, cloudless calm. They now ride safely, anchored by a good hope and far out of reach of the storm’s tumult. And for others who follow, they radiate the splendor of their lives like fires on a high watchtower. Indeed, we have a signal to guide us safely over the ocean of temptations. Why ask the too curious question whether or not such people have fallen? Why despair as if the achievement was beyond your reach? Look at the one who has succeeded and boldly launch out on your voyage with con­fidence that it will be prosperous. Sail on under the breeze of the Holy Spirit with Christ your Pilot and with oars of good cheer.

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