Loving Neighbors

Love Thy Neighbor: Kay Smith

Those who fight with nature for the sake of what is reasonable are righteous. For example, it is nat­ural for people to love those who love them. But the righteous also try to love their enemies and to bless those who defame them. They even pray for their enemies and are compassionate toward those who do wrong to them. Therefore they refrain from doing wrong and bless those who curse them, pardon those who strike them, and submit to those who persecute them. They salute those who do not salute them, share things they have with those who don’t have, and persuade those that are angry with them. They pacify their enemies, warn the disobedient, instruct the unbe­lieving, and comfort the mourners. In distress, they endure being ungratefully treated and don’t become angry. Having devoted themselves to love their neighbors as themselves, they aren’t afraid of poverty but become poor by sharing their posses­sions with those who have none. They don’t exclude sinners. As they want to be praised, blessed, and honored, and to have all their sins forgiven, so they do the same to their neighbors. They love others like themselves. In summary, what they wish for themselves, they wish for their neighbors. For this is the law of God and of the prophets. This is the doctrine of truth.

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