Infinite Care

Christ on the Cross: Foursyte

Truly the symbol of the cross is considered des­picable according to the world and among peo­ple. But in heaven and among the faithful, it is the highest glory. Poverty, too, is seen as despica­ble, but we boast in it. It is cheapened by the public and they laugh at it, but we are elated by it. In the same way, we boast in the cross. Paul doesn’t say, “I boast not,” or “I will not boast,” but “Far be it from me that I should.” It is as though he hates it, considers it absurd, and asks for God to help him avoid it.

But what is boasting in the cross? Boasting in the fact that Christ took on the form of a slave for my sake and suffered for me when I was the slave, the enemy, the unfeeling one. He loved me so much that He gave Himself over to a curse for me. What can compare to this? If servants only receive praise from their masters, who they are bound to kin by nature, and are elated by it, how much more must we boast when our Master, God Himself, isn’t ashamed of the cross Christ endured for us. Therefore, we must not be ashamed of His unspeakable tenderness. He wasn’t ashamed of being crucified for you— will you be ashamed to confess His infinite care for you?

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