In Their Shoes

The Good Samaritan: Ferdinand Hodler

Compassion is closely connected to harmless­ness. For although the latter doesn’t hurt anyone, the former works good. The latter begins justice, the former completes it. …God has given us the affection of compassion so that we can protect lives by helping one another. If we are created by one God, descended from one man, and, there­fore, are thus connected by the law of kinship, we should love everyone. As a result, we are bound not only to abstain from hurting others, but even not to take revenge when we are hurt. Then we will be completely harmless. Regarding this, God commands us always to pray for our enemies. We should be animals fitted for com­panionship and society so that we will protect ourselves by giving and receiving assistance. For our frailty is prone to many accidents and incon­veniences. Expect that what you see happening to someone else may also happen to you. You will be stirred to help someone if you shall assume the mind of those who, being placed in danger, beg for your help.

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