Heavenly Treasure

Light and Darkness: Lanre Adefioye

There are some who, like worms wallowing in marshes and mud, feed on foolish and useless pleasures. People are like pigs. For pigs, it is said, like mud better than pure water. Let us not, then, be enslaved or become like pigs. Instead, as true children of the light, let us raise our eyes and look at light, lest the Lord discover us to be superficial. Therefore, let us repent and move from ignorance to knowledge, from foolishness to wisdom, from self indulgence to selfrestraint, from unrighteousness to righteousness, from godlessness to God. By striving toward God, one shows noble daring. The enjoyment of many good things is within the reach of those who love righteousness and who pursue eternal life, especially those things which God alludes to in Isaiah. He says, “There is an inheritance for those who serve the Lord.” Noble and desirable is this inheritance, not gold, not silver, not clothing, that the moths destroy, nor things of earth that robbers attack because they are dazzled by worldly wealth. Instead, it is the treasure of salvation which we must hurry to by becoming lovers of the Word. Then praiseworthy works will descend to us and fly with us on the wing of truth. This is the inheritance God grants us with His eternal covenant, conveying the everlasting gift of grace. Consequently, our loving Father— the true Father— never stops urging, admonishing, training, or loving us.

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