Harmony of Creation

Music of the Spheres: Jaya Masters

All things originate from one God. Since created things are various and numerous, they are well fit­ted and adapted to the whole creation. However, when viewed individually, they are mutually opposite and inharmonious like the sound of the lyre, which consists of many and opposite notes but gives rise to one unbroken melody through the intervals that separate each one from the oth­ers. The lover of truth, therefore, should not be deceived by the interval between the notes or imagine that one was due to one artist and author and another to someone else. He should not think that one person fitted the treble, another the bass, and yet another the tenor strings. But he should hold that one person formed the whole, so as to prove the soundness, goodness, and skill exhibit­ed in the whole work. Those, too, who listen to the melody ought to praise and exalt the artist, to admire the tension of some notes, to attend to the softness of others, to catch the sound of others between both these extremes, and to consider the special character of others. Then they can inquire at what each one aims and what is the cause of the variety, never failing to apply our rule, neither giv­ing up the one artist, nor casting off faith in the one God who formed all things, nor blaspheming our Creator.

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