Forgiving Enemies

St. Ambrose

We must remember the value of right belief. It is profitable for me to know that Christ bore my dis­eases and submitted Himself to my lusts for my sake. He became sin and a curse for me—for everyone, that is. He was humbled and became a servant for me. He is the Lamb, the Vine, the Rock, the Servant, and the Son of a handmaid for me. He doesn’t know the Day of Judgment, but, for my sake, is ignorant of the day and hour. . . . What a glorious remedy—to have comfort in Christ! For He bore these things with enormous patience for our sakes—so we defi­nitely can’t bear them just for the glory of His name with common patience! Who wouldn’t learn to for­give their enemies when they see that, even on the cross, Christ prayed for those who persecuted Him? Don’t you see that the weaknesses of Christ’s are your strength? So why do you ask Him about remedies for us? His tears wash us and His weeping cleanses us. . . . But if you begin to doubt, you will despair. For the greater the insult, the greater gratitude is due.

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