Follow the Leader

Christ Pantocreator Icon: 6th c. Sinai

Beloved, how should we regard the loving-kind­ness of our Savior? We should cry out and praise His goodness with power and with trumpets! Not only should we appear like Him, but should follow Christ’s example for heavenly conversa­tion. We should carry on what He began. In suf­fering, we shouldn’t threaten. When we are ver­bally abused, we shouldn’t berate in return. Instead, we should bless those that curse us and commit ourselves to God in every­thing. For He judges righteously. Those who do this adapt them­selves to the Gospel. They will have a part with Christ, and, as imitators of apostolic conversa­tion, He considers them worthy of praise. They will receive the praise Paul gave to the Corinthians when he said, “I praise you that in every­thing ye are mindful of me.” Afterwards, because some people perverted Paul’s words according to their own lusts, …he proceed­ed to say, “And as I have delivered to you traditions, hold them fast.” Of course that means that we shouldn’t think things other than what the Teacher has delivered.

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