Faith and Love

Faithfulness: Sue Kemnitz

Three things are found in faith. Those who work out their faith through love must hope for what God promises. Hope, therefore, is the partner of faith. For hope is necessary as long as we don’t see what we believe, or else, by not seeing we would fail. Not seeing makes us sad, but the hope of see­ing comforts us…. Love is also the partner of faith. We long glow with desire for it, and hunger and thirst for it. So together there is faith, hope, and love…. Take away faith and all you believe in evaporates; take away love and all that you do evaporates. For the pur­pose of faith is to believe; of love, to do. For if you believe without love, you don’t diligently perform good works. Or, if you do, you do so as a slave out of fear of punishment instead of as a child out of love of righteousness. Therefore, faith purifies the heart and is worked out by love.

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