Drawing Near

The Holy Family: Egon Schiele

We, whose spiritual eyes have been opened by the Word, Jesus Christ, and who see the differ­ence between light and darkness, prefer to take our stand “in the light.” We won’t have anything at all to do with darkness. In addition, the true Light, endowed with life, knows who to reveal His full splendor to and to whom His light. For He doesn’t just display His brilliance due to the weakness in the recipient’s eyes. And whose eyes are affected and injured if we must speak of them at all? Those who are ignorant of God and whose passions prevent them from seeing the truth. Christians,  however, aren’t blinded by the words of those who opposed worshiping God. But let those who know they are blinded by following crowds who are in error and groups that keep festivals to demons, draw near to the Word, Jesus Christ. He can give the gift of sight. Like the poor and blind whom…Jesus healed because they said to Him, “Son of David, have mercy upon me,” those who draw near to Him will also receive mercy and recover their eyesight, created fresh and beautiful by the Word of God.

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