Clear Vision

Be Faithful: Ruth Palmer

Faith lacks nothing. It is perfect and complete in itself. If it lacks anything, it is not completely perfect. But faith isn’t disabled in any respect. After we leave this world, it doesn’t make we who have believed wait. Instead, we receive the pledge of future good without distinction…. Where faith is, there is the promise. And the completion of the promise is rest. In addition, through illu­mination we receive knowledge, and the end of knowledge is rest…. So, then, just as inexperience ends by experience and bewilderment by finding a clear way out, so darkness must disap­pear by illumination. The darkness is ignorance. Through it we fall into sins, completely blind to the truth. Knowledge, then, is the illumina­tion we receive that makes igno­rance disappear. It gives us dear vision…. Bonds of ignorance are quickly loosened by human faith and divine grace, and our sins are taken away by the medi­cine of the Word. We are washed from all of our sins and are no longer entangled in evil. Our character isn’t the same as before our washing. Since knowledge springs up with illumination the moment we hear, we who were untaught become disciples. For instruction leads to faith, and faith with baptism is taught by the Holy Spirit. That faith is the one universal salvation of humanity.

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