Bear Witness

The Good Samaritan: Ferdinand Hodler

Everyone looks at what we do and not what we say. Scripture says, “Thou shalt be a witness unto all men,” not just to friendly people, but also to unbelievers. For witnesses aren’t meant to per­suade those who already know, but those who don’t know. Let us be trustworthy witnesses. How can we be trustworthy? By the life we lead. The Jews assaulted Christ and our passions assault us. They tell us to reject our testimony. But we must not obey them. We are witnesses from God. But He has sent us to tes­tify of Him. Let us testify and per­suade those who need to decide who He is. If we don’t testify, then we also have to answer for their mistake. If people wouldn’t accept an exceed­ingly wicked witness in an earthly court, much less would they accept one here when considering such great issues. We say that we have heard Christ and that we believe the things He has promised. Then, they say, show it by your works. For your life testifies of the opposite—that you don’t believe.. . . We and not just the martyrs will be witnesses for Christ. They are called martyrs because they endured everything to speak the truth when told to reject the faith. So, we must not be overcome when our passions tell us we are to reject Him.

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