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Why the Church Fails

Duane Arnold: Recently I was looking for a bit of inspiration, so, using differing search engines, I entered the phrase, “Why the Church Fails.”  I was fascinated by the results.  The topics that arose were consistently along the lines of the following: Why the Church Fails Us… Why the Church Fails Me… Why the Church […]

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Duane Arnold: I’ve just returned from a brief business trip overseas that took me to Paris. It is a city that I have grown to love over the past 30 years and that I have visited, often for long periods of time, almost every year during those three decades.  While there, I often have the […]

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The Glory of God

Duane Arnold: What is the glory of God really like? The glory of the infinite and eternal God who rules and sustains the universe?  Men had longed to know.  Now the veil is drawn aside: the glory of God is like Jesus washing the feet of the disciples. It is the glory of a God […]

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Rebuild the Church

Duane Arnold: “…Go and repair My house which, as you can see, is falling into ruins.” Politics had ripped apart the Church.  The disputes had grown so rancorous that both sides were willing to resort to violence. The world had become one of fabulous wealth for the one percent and a descent into poverty for […]

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