AFFN Resource Policy

Ancient-Future Faith Network – Website Resource Policy

The Ancient-Future Faith Network website (“Website”) is owned and operated by the Ancient-Future Faith Network, a California nonprofit religious corporation (“AFFN”). For purposes of this AFFN Website Resource Policy (“Resource Policy”) any person accessing or using Website is a “User” whether or not the User has created a personal account or posted information on Website.

1. Purpose and Applicability. This Resource Policy is incorporated into and subject to the AFFN Website Terms of Use (“Terms of Use”) as posted on the Internet. AFFN and Website have implemented this Resource Policy to explain hyperlinks and other third-party resource links and information appearing on the Website.

2. Links to Website. No person or entity needs permission from AFFN or the Website in order to create or provide a hyperlink (‘link”) to the Website. All persons and entites are placed on notice that Website and Website Content (as defined in the Terms of Use) may change at any time, with or without notice. Persons or entities linking to the Website accept full responsibility for the accuracy of links. AFFN and Website specifically disclaim any and all responsibility for third party links to the AFFN Website. Persons or entities linking to the Website may not capture, frame, or alter Website Content, may not claim ownership of or represent that AFFN Website Content is owned or created by the linking party, or otherwise misrepresent or misinform users about the nature, quality, origin or use of Website Content, AFFN, or the Website. The only exception to this paragraph is persons or entities who actually own or provide Website Content, who may acknowledge and/or claim such ownership as permitted by law, subject to any agreement with AFFN or Website. Links to the AFFN Website must be “full forward” links which pass the user’s browser to the AFFN website with no encumbrances and permit the User’s browser “back button” to return the visitor to the originating website.

3. Links From Website. AFFN has policies and procedures for including links to third-party websites on the AFFN Website. Third-party websites wishing to obtain a link to their websites from the AFFN Website must comply with all applicable policies and procedures, as in effect at the time of the link request and as amended, modified or restated from time to time. AFFN and Website’s link policies and procedures are subject to change at any time and without notice.

4. Website Purpose, No Public Forum. The purpose of the AFFN Website site is to foster the worship of God; to build and promote a network and association of like-minded individuals and churches; to organize and provide Ancient-Future resources and training; to particularly promote the 2006 “Call to an Ancient-Evangelical Future” championed by Robert Webber; and more generally to promote and encourage the knowledge and practice of Ancient-Future theology, worship, spirituality, and ecclesiology. AFFN and the Website exist to promote and advance this purpose and to engage all activities permitted by law for in nonprofit religious corporations. The Website is not a public forum or open for public communication and debate. This Resource Policy and other Website policies and criteria have been established to preserve the nonprofit, religious, non-public forum nature of the Website and AFFN’s activities.

5. Criteria for Resource Links. The Website charges a small fee for hosted links which qualify with all of the AFFN website and resource link criteria (“Link Criteria”). AFFN accepts link requests made by any individual or entity to whom Network membership is available that do not conflict with (a) the AFFN Vision and Purpose, and (b) the purposes of AFFN and Website, as stated in this Resource Policy. AFFN and Website staff will review all link requests to determine whether or not the relevant person, entity and/or website is relevant, appropriate, and complies with all Link Criteria. AFFN and Website reserve the sole, discretionary rights to evaluate whether or not a proposed link meets the Link Criteria, to decide or to refuse to link to any third party website or content, and to disable or remove any previously granted link, at AFFN and Website’s sole and absolute discretion. Link requests are approved and/or rejected based on criteria including, but not limited to, the following:

(a)        Whether the website and requesting person or entity conflicts with the stated purposes, mission and statement of faith of AFFN and Website.

(b)        Whether the website and requesting person or entity offer information, goods, and/or services which are appropriately private, secure, convenient, efficient, and accessible.

(c)        At the sole discretion of AFFN and the Website, whether the website which would be accessed and referenced by the proposed link contains content, goods and/or services which are appropriate to and not in conflict with the missions, goals and religious worldview of AFFN. Linked websites may not (1) exhibit hate speech, illegal discrimination, pornography, libelous or defamatory content, or other obscene or illegal content, (2) advocate or lobby for any political candidate or organization, or (3) displays any content, products, or services which might jeopardize and/or negatively impact AFFN’s status as a nonprofit, tax-exempt religious corporation.

(d)        Whether the website provides an email address and/or customer service telephone number to enable users to contact the site owner and resolve problems with formatting, accuracy, timeliness, payment processing, or product delivery.

(e)        Whether the website and requesting person or entity have a record of significant unresolved customer service complaints, fraud reports, spamming and/or other negative feedback.

(f)         Whether the website permits a user clicking through to view the website to easily return to the AFFN Website using a single click of the User’s “back button” and/or whether the website opens in a new window, allowing the User to access the relevant website without actually leaving the AFFN Website.

(g)        Whether the website has a clear privacy policy, accessible from the website’s home page, informing users about specific information the website collects, how that information is collected and used, and how users can review and correct such information.

(h)        Whether the website has clear “opt-out” provisions in advertising and email communications, and whether the website permits users to opt out of further communications and email contact at the time of purchase of any goods and/or services offered by the website.

(i)         Whether the website complies with any other standards, policies and procedures used by AFFN and/or Website to evaluate link requests, as in effect at the time of the relevant request.

Review Criteria and link standards are subject to change from time to time, at any time, and with or without notice, at the sole discretion of AFFN and Website.

6. Additional Links. Website may choose to link to third party websites containing information and/or goods and services which, at the sole discretion of AFFN and the Website, agree with or further the purposes of Website and AFFN. AFFN and Website reserve the right, but have no obligation, to link to any website and/or resource without charging a fee for the hosted link.

7. Right to Refuse and Remove Links. AFFN and Website reserve the right to refuse any link request and to refuse to link to any website or content at any time and with or without notice or cause. AFFN and Website reserve the right to remove any link from Website at any time, with or without notice or cause, subject to any obligation to return prorated portions of Link Fees paid in advance, if any.

8. De-Linking. Links to third party websites may be reviewed at any time and may be removed from the AFFN Website for any reason or no reason, at the sole discretion of AFFN and Website. Without limiting the foregoing, AFFN and Website reserve the sole, discretionary right to remove any link to a third party website if (a) the link no longer leads to the original information or resource to which it was originally directed, (b) information accessed by the link is inaccurate, misleading or otherwise violates the criteria and requirements set forth in this Resource Policy and/or as used by AFFN and Website at the relevant time, (c) access to the linked information becomes difficult or impossible, at the sole discretion of AFFN and Website, due to non-standard formatting, lengthy download times, or intrusive advertising, (d) the link is permanently unreachable or remains unavailable for a significant period, (e) at the sole judgment of AFFN and Website, the linked website and/or website owner conflict with AFFN’s mission, worldview, and link criteria or offer products or services which conflict with AFFN’s worldview and other criteria.

9. Link Fees, Donations. AFFN and Website charge a small fee (“Link Fee”) in return for including links to approved third-party websites on the Website. The Link Fee represents a reasonable fee to compensate AFFN and Website for the time and cost of reviewing link requests, hosting approved links, creating or reviewing and approving Website Content identifying the linked website and/or its products and services, and other costs associated with approving and hosting links to third-party websites. AFFN strongly encourages the owners of linked websites and resources to consider making additional donations to AFFN and Website, either in a fixed amount or based on a percentage of sales referred to the linked website or its owners by AFFN. While donations are not required as a condition of link hosting, AFFN encourages linked websites and their owners to consider the various Scriptural admonitions to be a glad and generous giver and appreciates all donations.

10. Contact Information. For questions regarding the AFFN and Website link policy, or to request a link, please contact AFFN at Info “at”, or mail us at: 11230 Gold Express Drive, #310-214; Gold River, California; 95670-4484.