About Us

logo_defaultWho we are…

Renewing Biblical Worship, Spirituality, and Theology in a Post-Christian World

  • Advancing Ancient-Future Renewal throughout the Body of Christ. 
  • Facilitating engagement among like-minded individuals, churches and organizations. 
  • Forging collaboration across denominational and cultural environments. 
  • Nurturing network members through innovative resources and mutual support

The Ancient-Future Faith Network (AFFN) is a non-profit, cross-denominational association of like-minded Christian individuals and churches– evangelicals of all kinds with a longing to return to classic Christian orthodoxy and practice, and a deep hunger for renewal in the worship and spirituality of the church. At our core is Dr. Robert E. Webber’s 2006 “Call to an Ancient-Evangelical Future.”

What we believe…

Ancient: We draw upon the historic, orthodox Tradition of the Christian church as testified in the Holy Scriptures, faithfully handed down by the apostles, and valiantly defended by the Church Fathers, most especially in the ancient ecumenical Creeds.

     The AFFN furthers the renewal of the church’s worship and spirituality by pointing the people of God to the time-tested Truth of our ancient past.

(The Dash) In the present meantime, between Incarnation and Re-Creation, we worship the Father, through the Son, and by the Spirit as we walk out our baptisms in His story, participating with Him in His purposes for the world.

     The AFFN furthers the renewal of the church’s worship and spirituality by pointing the people of God to our present vocation and tasks in the world around us.

Future: We eagerly anticipate Christ’s second coming when He makes all things new, returns a restored created order back to the Father, and when the whole Body of Christ feasts together as one at the great wedding supper of the Lamb.

     The AFFN furthers the renewal of the church’s worship and spirituality by pointing the people of God to the person and ongoing work of Christ, who even now is in the future beckoning us toward Himself.

Faith: Connecting the depth of the ancient church with evangelical passion, we have a hunger for renewal in worship and spirituality and believe that the Body’s faith will be strengthened as we embrace classic Christian orthodoxy and practice.

     The AFFN furthers the renewal of the church’s worship and spirituality by pointing the people of God to the truth that our spirituality is located in Christ, and that by faith we see that the ancient-present-and-future all come together in Him.

Network: We share together in an authentic community of mutual support and encouragement as we learn from one another how the road to the future runs through the past.

     The AFFN furthers the renewal of the Church’s worship and spirituality by pointing the people of God to the treasure of resources found in the people and mission of the Network.

What we do…

GatheringCollageOur desire is that members will find in this virtual community of faith a vibrant place for interaction. We want to share how the road to the future runs through the ancient past– and show Christians of all kinds of denominations how they can renew their worship and spirituality using Ancient-Future theology. So, our association of Network Members is not so much about doctrinal bona fides as it is about mutual encouragement and resourcing. The most important part of the Network is its members.

We read, listen to, and watch materials from our fellow members, we gather for annual and regional workshops and conferences, we network individually, we sponsor a store with resources from Robert E. Webber, and a Marketplace for our Resource Partners to display their goods and services.

This Network…

  • Is purposefully ecumenical and non-denominational.
  • Exists for the purpose of championing and sharing a Christian Ancient-Future theology.
  • Is open to men and women around the world— both ministers and lay persons— inside and outside of established churches who are interested in renewal in worship and spirituality and what it means to be Ancient-Future.
  • Exists for established churches, and the people who serve them, who want access to Ancient-Future materials, resources, and ideas, and want to learn from, share, and collaborate with experts in the field.
  • Exists for brand new church starts, and those called to start them, who need a network of encouraging, like-minded communities of faith.
  • Promotes and coordinates conferences, workshops, and offers appropriate resources and materials consistent with the mission of the AFFN.

About membership: To serve our growing membership base, and to provide for a variety of ways people can plug in– including students– we have several levels of membership and access. Remember that your voluntary memberships are tax deductible:

Membership-Levels-Logo• Contributing Members are listed with bio sketch, picture, email link, receive a monthly eNewsletter, and have full access to The Abbey. (There is also a discounted student option).
• Sustaining Members have all the above, receive an AFFN lapel pin, and get unlimited access to the Knowledge Base. (There is also a discounted student option).
• Ancient-Future Resource Partners receive all the above and are featured in our Marketplace where their goods and services are promoted with appropriate pictures and links. Find more information here about Resource Partners.

Find more information about membership levels and access by clicking here.

Our Structure:

The Network is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation and is led by its Chair and Founder, Dr. Chris Alford, and a Board of Directors. The AFFN leadership also includes an Advisory Board drawn from Contributing Network Members. Apart from serving in a general advisory capacity, the panel also helps to reach out to, resource, and support incoming members.