Free Things at the AFFN

freeWhile access to most of our content does require a voluntary, tax-deductible membership donation, there are still several free things to see and do on the AFFN site.

  • The Chapel: Access to this feature is free and the content changes everyday. The Chapel is your place to find some art, Scripture, and thoughts from the Church Fathers.
  • The Abbey: While most of our materials in The Abbey do require a membership for access, we also often place unrestricted content there. Everything we post at the AFFN stays for a short while in The Abbey and new materials are always being added. After that, they transfer to our growing Knowledge Base.
  • The Robert E. Webber Store: One of our newest features, the Webber Store is the exclusive place to find materials that Webber used to make available on his resource website– and it’s the only place to find “Journey to Jesus,” the evangelism and discipleship process that he developed based on practices of the early church.
  • The Marketplace: A popular destination on our website! We’re very proud of our Resource Partners at the AFFN and urge you to browse through The Marketplace to see their outstanding goods and services.
  • The Call to an Ancient-Evangelical Future: Access to The Call will always be available to all, and anyone is invited to join hundreds of people across the globe in signing it.
  • Our Network Members: One of the best places to find resources on our website on our Network Members page. Browse the listings, learn about our amazing members, and use their email links to make contact and ask questions.
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